Thursday, August 16, 2018

Mid Month Challenge # 3

Hi All,

Saumya here to inspire you further with my projects. I love partying and gifts are sometimes a main part of a lots of these parties. I love gift wrapping and making my owns gift bags and tags along with a card. So today am showcasing those!!!


Last time I replaced the 'A' in 'Happy' so this time I thought of replacing the 'Y' with a similar image that I used last time but by turning it upside down. Signifying the happy head over heels excitement for the birthday party!

I have also replaced my 'I' in 'Birthday' with an ice cream and the 'Y' with a cute rabbit. These replacements signify some personal touches for the little girl I plan to gift it to, she loves Ice cream and has a pet rabbit who is also her best friend.

Gift Bag:

Sometimes saying thanks after a party or just showing one's love and appreciation to someone is very important. So this gift bag serves the purpose and I have replaced 'T' from the 'Thanks' with a sweet girl holding a fully bloomed flower offering her appreciation.

Bottle Tags:

Tags can also speak a thousands words in a gift here is my tag speaking about a gang of friends showing their love and appreciation to someone special on his/her special day.

I have replaced 'O' from the word 'From' with a flower embellishment, below which the gang can sign their names.

You can think of ways your embellishments can be a part of this replacement challenge too.

I hope these inspire you with ideas for your projects to take part in our August Challenge

Happy Crafting